Ghosts in the Machine

We were on our way to pick up a dozen cheese pizzas from Joe’s Pizza near E. 14th and 3rd Ave. when we noticed the crossing sign was holding up the Black Power fist. Cool. The revolution was beginning! We figured this was the Bat Signal, going out all over the city. Figured we better get those pizzas and fast. And, by the way, we were standing in the middle of traffic to take this photo, thank you very much. Since this photo we have seen this aberration in various quarters of the city. Is it a rogue operator? An impish signal repairman? A Merry Prankster? If you know the answer, or are said operator/imp/Prankster, please write to us at: Apropopolis, 1507 7th St, Box 123, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

You might be rewarded for your efforts with a lovely bookmark.